Underwood Adventures: Maui Honeymoon


A month after we got married we boarded a plane to our dream destination. Maui was everything we had imagined, and after the insanity of that fall it was just what we needed. Such an indescribable, magical little island, from the tops of the mountains all the way to the roots of the jungles. The saltwater, beaches, greenery, fresh smoothie trucks in the jungle, tree houses selling banana bread, taco trucks on a cliff. Hell I swear even the sunshine was better there. Every little detail about it stole our hearts, and we’re already aching to go back


Daniel also rented me an under water camera for the whole week! Let me tell you though. Photographing under water in the waves that never stop moving you, not as easy as I thought it'd be. But I'm glad I got to take some memories away from our time in the ocean.