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Kayla | Illinois Winter Wonderland

This session was for a group shootout for the Illinois part of the House of Flynn photography group. My Brothers girlfriend Allison, of Adventurous Honey, is one of the group leaders and gets to put on shoots once a month for whoever would like to attend! And luckily I get to help her plan and style them, which is so fun! She decided the January one being outside at one of our local forest preserves and we had been hoping we’d get to shoot in the snow. And man oh man, the weather did not disappoint. It was like we stepped through our own wardrobe and right into the forest of Narnia. It. Was. Magic.

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Kayla | Greenhouse Explorers

Greenhouses and nurseries are one of my favorite places to go. I could spend hours just wandering through the different buildings, taking in the calm and sifting through all of the plants. (And let's face it, trying to decide which ones I should bring home that trip.) Greenhouses are also one of my favorite places to shoot. The bright light shines through the clear glass walls so perfectly, creating such a soft filter. Lucky for me, my cousin Kayla is always happy to throw on a beaded gown and let me drag her around for hours, exploring and running through the plants. 

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