Underwood Adventures: Baby Gender Reveal


All images were captured for us by my sweet friend Melissa, of Melissa Tassone Photography. Check out her work right over -- here.

Being that as of right now, we're only planning on having this one little nugget, I want to make sure that I document every possible moment. So a surprise gender reveal seemed like the best option to capture those genuine reactions. And man, I did not disappoint.


We found out on Saturday and the ultrasound tech put the picture and results right into a sealed envelope so we wouldn't peak. Although that certainly didn't stop the temptation... as Daniel's holding it up to the window as I drive trying to see if he can get anything through the envelope. He has little to no self control, cleaned of like a child on Christmas morning.

Lucky for us we were having the party the next day, so it was only just over 24 hours of torture. I wasn't sure if Daniel would make it, but at least the results got handed off to my cousin a few hours after we got them so it took the temptation away from him. 

I was so positive/set on it being a girl that I was utterly convinced it had to be. The moment those smoke sticks were lit, everyone started yelling.

πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» Clearly in the first few seconds I was not yet not realizing the clouds of *not* pink around me yet.

And then I was hit with sheer shock and denial. The smoke was as blue as the ocean. 

What. Just, what.

And enter me, as I'm about to yell "OH MY GOD IT’S BLUE!?"


It took me a quick minute to soak it in. I almost wanted to believe that I had to be seeing things. Or that clearly that wasn't supposed to be blue, my cousin and best friend must have gotten the smoke sticks mixed up. But then I looked over at Daniel who was just all smiles and adorable, and I just started laughing.

I've got some adjusting to do from all of the adorable dresses and bows and floral prints that I already had picked out, but we're so excited to meet the little man!