Designer, photographer, wife, momma, plant addict.

Hey friends, I’m Allie.

I'm an Illinois portrait photographer, and why do I do what I do? It's simple actually. I've collected photographs and had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember, taking pictures of basically everything. I've always loved memories, being able to physically see them whenever I wanted. But then one morning it hit me, and I realized how important a single photograph really is when it's all you're left with. I'm also a graphic designer, sun seeker, and story teller. And, since I'm a designer, it's only natural that I adore all things pretty. I love to travel and I love adventures. I drink a ridiculous amount of green tea, I sleep great during thunderstorms, and I could curl up anytime with a good book. I think movies are great and I may (for sure) be addicted to brownie batter. I grew up on a small horse farm, so for me there's nothing better than spending a warm summer day on the back of a horse. Oh and flea markets! I could spend all day at one of those. I believe it's so important to learn to appreciate the little things in your life. And most importantly, Daniel. The most supportive, caring husband whom I'm adore. I certainly would not be where I am right now without him. He's my rock and other half. Plus he loves me no matter how grumpy I make him, helps me in the barn, gives me surprises, and puts up with my crazy antics. So those are all bonuses. And I'm a glorified plant addict. But luckily for me, my husband doesn't seem to mind. At least that's what he tells me, who knows really. 


(Our pictures are by awesome ladies: Melissa Tassone, Deidre LynnKristen Giles.)